Professional Development for Educators

Professional Development for Educators

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At Phoenix Support for educators, we support educators. How? By offering a wide Professional Development workshops and courses around all things education and care. From pedagogy practice, positive psychology, inclusion support, children's behaviour management, educator wellbeing, we can customise something to suit the needs of you and your team.

Our team of wellbeing facilitators, education coaches and mentors have an abundance of experience in the education and care sector, with a particular focus towards early childhood education and care.

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What We Offer

Workshops for Educators
Workshops for Educators​

Find out more about our range of workshops.

Coaching and mentoring for educators
Coaching and Mentoring for Educators

We offer one-on-one and team support.

Keynote and conference presentations
Keynote & Conference Speakers 

Our conference speakers present on a range of topics including children's behaviour, educator wellbeing, plus more!

Online Courses for Educators
Online Courses for Educators

Visit our Thinkific website to view our online courses.

School Readiness

Learn how you can support successful transitions to school.

Kindy Uplift Program (QLD)

Find out how you can access support.

Program Calendars and Planning Diaries

Purchase our Reflections of an Educator Resources.


Subscribe through our service to hundreds of educator and parent resources.

Complex attachment and trauma
Complex Trauma and Attachment

Register for an online course by Trent Savill.


Check out The Online Teachers and Educators Symposium.

Early Childhood Education Courses
Early Childhood Education Courses

Choose from our vast range of support options for the ECEC sector.

Children's Behaviour Management
Children's Behaviour Management  

Learn why children's behaviour isn't ours to manage.

Supporting First Nations

Supporting Regional, Rural, Remote, and First Nations Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) Services

Phoenix Support for Educators is an highly regarded professional development company providing professional development for centre management, complaints management, adult-child relationship development and management, including children’s behaviour, and other children's supervision and safety training.

Find out about the Professional Development Subsidy here.

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We will customise a package to your needs. Get in touch to chat about tailoring something for you and your team. We've got you covered.

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 Our diverse range of services include supporting educators with:

Assessment and Rating   

Children's Behaviour Management

Coaching and mentoring for improving NQF outcomes 

Complex trauma and attachment training

Crisis management

Curriculum planning and programming

Documentation and learning inquiry

 Educator wellbeing

Inclusion coaching and mentoring

One-on-one coaching

Online child development courses

Pedagogy and reflective practice

QIP recommendations and resources

School transitions and school readiness 

Supporting Children's Wellbeing

Supporting Parents

The Phoenix Cups® Framework

Workshops and team building days