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Company approach package

High quality, engaging professional development for your team. Your customised package will introduce, upskill, or refresh educators knowledge around The Phoenix Cups framework, children's behavioural, social and emotional learning, and workplace wellbeing.

A successful professional development package would ideally include...

Face to face training

There's nothing like the atmosphere of a dynamic team meeting. Our facilitators bring the 'wow' factor, and we love working with whole teams. We travel nationally and deliver workshop style, or conference presentations, to any size group.

Importantly, we also offer coaching and mentoring, which is the key to the longevity of the benefits of your package. Read more about what our coaching & mentoring looks like HERE

Check out some of our workshop topics here
Hard copy resources

Our resources are expertly designed to not only be informative, but fun and engaging to read and learn with. It's important to have library copies available for ongoing reference after your training.

See our full range here
Online training

We have an extensive variety of online training programs. We provide complementary access to online training when you do face to face work with us. This ensures anyone who wasn't there on the day can catch up, but also allows for super keen participants to squeeze a bit more out of the PD opportunity by continuing their learning online.

Our training can also be delivered exclusively online as self paced courses, or bespoke online webinars.

See our full online course catalogue here

Choose a theme 

We have loads of workshops (both in person and online), so it can be tricky working out where to start. We suggest at least one of these themes as a foundation.

When training multiple sites, each individual team will have different needs, but sticking to the below three themes to start ensures all your services are getting a tailored and relevant version of the same content. 

Educator Wellbeing

Imagine a team building session that explores wellbeing concepts through entertainment & demonstrations. This session gets your whole team challenging their unhelpful thinking, feeling more motivated & productive, and introduces the Phoenix Cups wellbeing model.

Delivered by Christopher Phoenix

Phoenix Cups Foundation

Introduce your team to a philosophical framework that will guide you to share ideas, language, and understandings about behaviour and wellbeing.

Delivered by our team of facilitators

Educator Toolkit for Behaviour

Explore the tool that educators use to understand children's behaviour and guide their social decisions. Learn to apply the Phoenix Cups framework in your practice with children.

Delivered by our team of facilitators

Choose your investment

Our VIP packages allow you to have flexibility to customise a package that works for your team

Your VIP account is paid up front, or in instalments, and can be used at any time within the same financial year. How does it work?

Your VIP is an account. You can spend from your account, ordering a mixture of face to face or online training, and hard copy resources for your organisation. You will receive 10-40% discount on our fees depending on your VIP account level.


  • A $10,000 account to be delivered throughout the financial year
  • 10% discount off all products and face to face services
  • 30% discount off online training
  • Unlimited phone and email support
  •  Customised online training
  •  Complimentary TOTES subscriptions for all staff


Per annum

30k VIP

  • A $30,000 account to be delivered throughout the financial year
  • 15% discount off all products and face to face services
  • 30% discount off online training
  • Unlimited phone and email support
  • Customised online training 
  • Complimentary TOTES subscription for all staff

$30, 000

Per annum

90K + VIP

  • A $90,000+ account to be delivered throughout the financial year
  • 20% discount off all products and face to face services
  • 40% discount off online training
  • Unlimited phone and email support
  •  Customised online training with company logo and group administrators to track progress
  • Complimentary TOTES subscription for ALL staff company wide

$90, 000+

Per annum

Choose your resources and supplementary online training

These resources are not only gorgeous but essential to have in your educator library. We recommend starting each of your services with a hard copy resource package.

Many of our hard copy products have associated online training for your educational leaders / Phoenix Cups champions.

We strongly recommend that you allocate at least two Phoenix Cups champions at each site to support the roll out of your training. These champions will get extra support from our team to become 'change agents' to support continuous improvement as a result of your investment. The Phoenix Cups champions will utilise the hard copy resources, online resources, and coaching from us around how to support a lively culture of professional inquiry and growth within your team.

No surprises - list prices

These are our list prices for some of our range of face to face training and online courses. You will receive a discount on these prices as per your package.

These fees do not include GST or travel (see travel costs below).

Face to Face training

  • Coaching and mentoring $298 per hour

    Face to face 1:1 support for educators, educational leaders, or managers (minimum hours apply depending on location)

  • In-service full day with facilitator

    A combination of coaching and mentoring hours and workshop facilitation

  • In-service full day with Principal or Senior Facilitator $2400-$2990

    Workshop facilitation or conference presentations with our senior team

Online courses

  • Phoenix Cups Foundation $28 per participant

    28 Day Wellbeing challenge + Phoenix Cups 101

  • Educator Toolkit for Behaviour $98 per participant

    This new and improved version of the Educator Toolkit for Behaviour was released mid 2021. Includes loads of new content and downloads.

  • Educator Wellbeing $98

    This Workplace Wellbeing online course was $348 per person. Your package price is substantially reduced. This course includes mostly video content plus some downloads and readings.

Additional costs


A travel fee of $89.40 +gst per hour applies to all face to face work. We have local facilitators based in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney. Additional flight / transport costs may apply.


Our facilitators all travel and we also love to support rural and regional communities. If a facilitator is required to stay overnight, our overnight fee is $356.45 +gst, and includes accommodation, incidentals, and food per diem.

Upfront quotes

At any time you can request a written quote. We'll work out the best package price for you, add your discount, and calculate any potential travel fees or additional charges.

We've chosen our VIP account level! Now what?

We can't wait to get started! Email us with the amount you are investing to your VIP account.

We will then set up your account and start planning your professional development packages!