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The Jayden and Sally Story

About This Story

The Jayden and Sally story was delivered by Sandi Phoenix as a key note at conferences around Australia in 2014-2019. The key note was called "Behaviour Management: Is Children's Behaviour ours to manage". The story has also been a part of the Educator's Toolkit for Behaviour in-service workshop since 2012 and continues to be a part of this workshop. This presentation became so popular that we decided to video it so educators all over the world can see it.

Important Note About the Labels of the Cups

From 2012 to 2018, the names of the Cups within this framework reflected the five basic human life needs, proposed by Dr William Glasser, in his Choice Theory. Throughout that time, Choice Theory influenced The Phoenix Cups framework, but so did emerging research and evidence about motivators of human behaviour, information from positive psychology, and thinking from guidance practitioners, such as Dr Louise Porter. In December 2018, and for the following few months, I worked with Dr Louise Porter to incorporate these ideas into the names of the Cups and add outcomes to them. We were particularly interested in critiquing the names of three of the Cups.

Some of the video(s) that accompany our courses were recorded prior to this evolution of our ideas. This was the first revision of the Phoenix Cups framework in seven years, however, as research emerges, we suspect it will not be the last. For this reason, you may notice us use the Cup names interchangeably in some earlier videos. i.e. We may refer to the Power Cup as both / either the Power or Mastery Cup. We think it is important to honour the origins of these ideas and The Phoenix Cups framework as it was since 2012, but any new material produced from March 2019 onwards will incorporate the new Cup labels. We're excited to evolve The Phoenix Cups framework with some subtle advancements including these new labels and the outcomes.

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