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Sandi Phoenix, BPsychSc

Sandi Phoenix is the founding company director and principal facilitator of Phoenix Support for Educators. Sandi is dedicated to supporting educators, families, communities, and educational practices, with a special focus on enhancing children's wellbeing and fostering inclusion and improved outcomes for all children. Under her leadership, Phoenix Support for Educators has flourished into its second decade, now boasting a substantial team across Australia, mirroring her blend of passion, creativity, and strategic foresight.

Beginning in 1998, Sandi has spent her whole career blending psychological science and education, starting her career as an educator while she completed her degree. Following that, since 2009, Sandi's leadership roles have been diverse and impactful, encompassing in-service coaching, mentoring, conference speaking, teaching the Diploma of Early Childhood Education, resource development, and consulting on software design for curriculum planning and service operations. Sandi's coaching and consultancy style is rooted in a strengths-based perspective, informed by an in-depth understanding of the National Quality Framework and its underlying theories.

Her unique ability to merge theoretical knowledge with practical application led to the creation of The Phoenix Cups framework. This pioneering model, adopted by educators and teachers nationally and internationally, revolutionises the application of humanistic and positive psychology, philosophy, and neuroscience in education, thus elevating the wellbeing of both children and educators.

As a keynote speaker, Sandi captivates audiences with her insightful perspectives and engaging style. Her workshops and professional development sessions are renowned for their practical relevance and transformative influence.


Currently studying a Masters in Neuroscience and Mental Health at UniSC

Graduate Certificate in Professional Studies (Leadership for Wellbeing, Values-based leadership, Positive Psychology in Education, First Peoples Social Justice) from Griffith University

Bachelor of Psychological Science from Griffith University

Cert IV in Training and Assessment

Affiliate of the Australian Psychological Society and currently holds membership of the APS

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A personal word from Sandi (that she wrote all by herself).... 

You kept scrolling, down this page, so you get the long version of my bio - the story with a twist. Firstly, I run a pretty amazing company and lead a freakin' awesome team, steering the ship of multiple brands, products, and a whole lot of services. I have mixed feelings about labels like 'boss babe' or 'leaders in heels' (ergh) – they kind of irk me, but I can't help feeling immensely proud of my powerful women colleagues who are out there, kicking arse and making a real difference. Anyway, I'm usually too caught up in running an actual company and doing lotsa real work to dwell on this too much. So I'm here to tell you what I DO do because a friend nudged me to write a less snooze-worthy bio and I'm procrastinating on my morning jog (or more realistically, a walk), I thought, why not?

Here's a little secret (you'll know this if you've read The Phoenix Cups novel - If you haven't - spoiler alert)... I changed my name and started my business after I ended up on the front page of every paper on the Redlands coast and Brisbane, and all over the 6 o’clock news when I was in my late 20s. In 2009, my house in Redland Bay was engulfed in flames while my children and I were asleep inside. I managed to get them out safely, and that moment was a wake-up call. And I realised I was squandering my superpowers. So, I finished my degree and launched into the business world, creating something I had always dreamed of - a consultancy.

Now, I run Phoenix Support for Educators, a Brisbane-based company with a reach that spans Australia AND internationally. In 2023 I presented at conferences all over Aus (over 50 domestic flights for me that year!), in the UK and also NZ, and our online courses and podcasts are taken up by people all over the world. We're a diverse group of 16 employees and a handful of contractors, all united in our mission to do great things for children in early childhood settings and schools. As Principal Facilitator, my absolute favourite thing is delivering keynote presentations at conferences. I often present about my revolutionary framework, The Phoenix Cups, which helps educators and parents alike understand children's behaviour (and each other's, for that matter). This framework has evolved into its own business at, and we even released a book about it, which I co-authored with my fantastic husband. I'm also at the helm of another cool brand, Reflections of an Educator, now in its thriving sixth year – which I proudly started with my team as well as Gaby Flavin from Sticks and Stones Education.

If you're still reading, it looks like you're dodging your emails or hiding from the phone just like me... so good luck with that. If you want to connect, find me on social media or give me and my team a call at 1300 361 243. Let them know you've read my entire bio to the end, and that they should try to put you through to me instead of letting me dodge phone calls today. Happy Cup Filling!