Pondering Practice: Critical Reflection

Pondering Practice: Critical Reflection

 Digging deep into reflective practice can be transformational!

Together let us explore, break down and demystify the beast known as “Critical Reflection.” Our exploration together will enable you to feel confident and comfortable in your understanding of and implementation of reflective practice.  

Our goals are to reflect internally upon our own strengths, biases and tacit knowledge that impacts on our pedagogical decisions and take steps to proactively welcome and support all families and children in a culturally safe and inclusive manner. This program will enable educators become confident in their ability to create engaging and inclusive learning environments, recognising children’s needs through the lens of inclusion and individualised learning and to have an in-depth understanding of how to incorporate critical reflective strategies to support children’s inclusion. 

Real-world, achievable strategies to embed reflection in your daily practice will be workshopped and aims to assist in the creation a genuine culture of a “Thinking Curriculum” in which children and educators are co-constructors of thinking and learning. 

This program will support educators to build on their own understanding of true critically reflective practice and engage in an exploration of their knowledge, practice and own pedagogical styles. This will enable us all to grow, enhance and modify our practice in a way that benefits all children and learners in our care. 

Remember to make critical reflection part of your journey. For it is only when you truly know yourself that you can shine. 

This workshop will cover the following topics:

What is critical reflection and the role of tacit knowledge? 

This topic covers the theoretical underpinnings and understandings of the concept of critical reflection. We will break down and explore together the external and internal influences on our practical and pedagogical practices and build a shared toolkit for pondering your practice. Together we will ask the question - What makes reflection critical? What is it really? 

Frameworks, legislation and their impact on Critical Reflection 

Simple and easy to follow breakdown of the legislative requirements around critical reflection and what this means for our practice. Explores all relevant legislation including the EYLF, NQF, VEYLDF, MTOP, Education and Care Services National Law Act 2010 and Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011. 

Critical Reflection and it’s role in our educational programming and practice 

Taking our cycle of planning to the next level, we look at shifting our planning process from a closed cycle – into a forward moving journey in which reflective practice is key. Closely examining the National Quality Framework and the impact of reflection on everyday practice and Assessment and Rating outcomes all form the basis of this topic of exploration. 

Reflecting on inclusion and individualised learning 

Looking innovatively at practices to support and manage children’s behaviour, inclusion, meet their needs and plan for varied developmental needs. Together we will explore how reflective practice is a vital tool and element to effectively support and facilitate children’s inclusion. 

Critical Reflection and the Holistic Dilemma 

Moving into the exceeding stage of the NQF sets out that all practices, in every area is informed by critical reflection. This holistic approach to thinking critically can be overwhelming. Join us as we break this down into manageable bite-sized pieces, able to be embedded into your daily practice. 

Real-World Strategies For Reflective Practice 

Together we will explore a variety of strategies, theories, frameworks and schools of thought to ensure you are equipped with a large toolkit of helpful, supportive strategies for reflection.

Participant Outcomes:

This workshop will spark a passion and deepen your understandings of reflective practice! By the end, you will…  

  • Develop insight into reflective practice and incorporating this into your daily practice.
  • Be confident in your knowledge of legislated frameworks surrounding critical reflection. 
  • Be excited to include children in reflective practice and create a culture in which children and educators are co-constructors of thinking and learning. 
  • Have a deeper understanding about individual biases and take steps to proactively welcome and support everyone in a culturally safe and inclusive manner. 
  • Gain knowledge and inspiration to use a wide array of ideas, strategies and pedagogical practices that stem from and instigate further self-reflection to support high quality professional practice. 
  • Be inspired and feel supported to critically reflect and support a professional lens of inclusion and individualised learning.  
  • Feel empowered to creatively deliver consistency of practice to ensure transitions and supports are collaborative and consultative. 

Activities Include:

  • Exploring current ideas and practices.
  • Workshopping of future implementations.
  • Exploration of legislation and theoretical underpinnings.
  • Noticing and understanding practice.
  • Identifying critical reflection in your practice.
  • Tools for critical reflection.

Online course option

Prefer to engage in this training from the comfort of your own home? We get it!

That's why we created the self-paced online course, with video content and downloadable workbooks. 

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