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Communicating Fo​r Connection: 

Fostering Positive Interactions with Children

Face to Face Workshop | Online Self-Paced Course

In the "Communicating for Connection" workshop, participants delve into the heart of meaningful interactions and relationships in early childhood settings. With a focus on re-framing 'attention-seeking' behaviours to 'connection-seeking', educators are guided to explore the profound impact of effective communication on a child's sense of belonging and development. 

Through engaging discussions and practical exercises, educators will be better equipped to nurture meaningful interactions, supporting a child's holistic development in a secure and responsive environment.

​Participant Outcomes

  • Acquire strategies to identify and respond to 'connection-seeking' behaviours, fostering a deeper bond between educators and children
  • Enhance communication techniques to support a child's sense of belonging and becoming
  • Cultivate a reflective practice to continuously improve interaction quality and foster a nurturing environment
  • Discover how to harness one's own 'Skill to Fill' in order to replenish the 'Connection Cup,' leading to a deeper sense of fulfilment and well-being as a practitioner 
  • Develop a personalised plan to enhance self-regulation skills, enabling a harmonious co-regulation process with children who are dysregulated, fostering a supportive, understanding environment 

Online Course Option

Prefer to engage in this training from the comfort of your own home? We get it!

That's why we created the self-paced online course, with video content and downloadable workbooks.

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