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Engibear - teaching about engineering bundle



Educator Toolkit for Behaviour Workbook + Online Course
Educator Toolkit for Behaviour Workbook + Online Course
Children's Behaviour Book Pack
Children's Behaviour Book Pack
By Dr Andrew King

Engibear - teaching about engineering bundle


This bundle of resources will bring all things Engineering into your classroom. It's time to put the E in STEM!
In this pack, you will get 4 incredible books by Dr Andrew King plus a music CD with Sue Lewin.

Book 1:
Engibear’s Dream

Meet Engibear… This engineer dreams of, designs and starts building a Bearbot to help him at work. Early versions fail – often spectacularly. However, Engibear keeps trying. Follow him as his designs improve and the amazing Bearbot takes shape.

“I don’t think I have ever read a picture book that demonstrates the engineering and working technologically process so well.” (Learning Hub, Vol 2, 2015).

Book 2:
Engibear’s Bridge

The children at Munnagong Flats Public School decide on a dinosaur design for their new bridge. It’s a big job so Engilina, the city’s Chief Engineer, asks her friends Engibear and Bearbot, for some help. Follow the team as they work through the year to create a roar-inspiring attraction.

“Engibear’s Bridge is an excellent representation of the whole civil engineering process for young readers”. (The Literature Base, 2016).

Book 3:
Engilina’s Trains

Engilina, Engibear and Bearbot are back to build transport for the future – a new maglev train that will run from Munnagong to Billaburra as fast as a plane. During the project, the discover an old steam engine which leads them on an interesting journey and creates an unexpected link to the past. Travel with them on this tale of trains, teamwork technology and time…

“The growing popularity of STEM subjects in schools indicates the importance attached to areas of study such as Engineering. The bright and busy text contributes to this reputation by engaging young readers, enhancing their knowledge and challenging their imagination to solve practical engineering problems.” CBCA Reading Time (2017).

Book 4:
Young Engineers – Projects

If you can dream it, you can draw it. If you design it, you can make it.

From construction sites to spaceships, young children love engineering. And, like engineers, they enjoy creating and building their worlds. This natural link provides an ideal opportunity for them to explore engineering disciplines, concepts and practices. Young Engineers – Projects is a companion to the picture book Young Engineers. Together these books introduce engineering in an enjoyable way and encourage children to dream, draw, design, develop, sing, dance and play. With a focus on both engineering and the arts within a Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics context, children are invited to: Dream it – STEAM it.

Resource 5:
Young Engineers – Songs

‘If you can dream it, you can draw it – if you design it you can make it’.

From rocket ships to ‘going off grid’, the songs on this CD explore engineering concepts and practices for young children in an enjoyable and informative way. A companion to the picture book Young Engineers, the songs cover twelve engineering disciplines. In a STEM context, melding engineering and the arts to encourage young children to Dream it – STEAM it.

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