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Wild Celebrations Book


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Wild Child Book
Wild Child Book
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$Β 31.82
Wild Projects for Families Book
Wild Projects for Families Book
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$Β 31.82
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Wild Celebrations Book


Book 3 in the Nature Craft Series. Buy the set and save 20%.

Hours of nature play ideas in one handy book. Wild Celebrations, the third book in our nature craft series, is a beautiful, practical and easy to use guide to Christmas, Easter, Seasonal and Party nature craft activities.

Full of engaging activities for kids aged 3-12 years, this is the perfect book to work through in school holidays and makes a fabulous gift! You'll discover new nature craft activities to incorporate into your family celebrations and traditions, and the activities are fun for parents, grandparents and kids alike.

Consider adding Paint Pens, a Whittling Knife or a Paper Making Kit (available in our shop) to your book order, to get the most out of the crafts within the book.

Inside this book you'll find:

🐰 Easter inspired craft ideas.

πŸŽ… Christmas craft projects.

🍁Activities to celebrate each season.

πŸŽ‚ A birthday party preparation guide, including styling tips and a timeline for planning.

🌿 Tips for a low waste party.

πŸ’š Plastic free party favour ideas.

πŸ₯³ Fun party games to connect with nature.

πŸŽ‰ Nature based activities you can do at the birthday party.

Activities are open-ended, adaptable to suit your location, require minimal craft supplies and are inexpensive.

Activities are adaptable to any celebration that is important to your family.

Inside the book you will find more than 20 nature play activities that are practical and easy to implement, including:

πŸ‚ Seed paper

πŸ‚ Fabric dyeing with nature

πŸ‚ Nature hunt

πŸ‚ Party wands

πŸ‚ Christmas wreath

πŸ‚ Advent calendar

πŸ‚ Christmas cards

πŸ‚ Stick star

πŸ‚ Tree decorations

πŸ‚ Easter egg dyeing

πŸ‚ Easter bunny crown

πŸ‚ Winter Bird feeder

πŸ‚ Spring seed bombs and many more.

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