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BESST Victoria - LIVE 2024

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This course is specifically designed for Educators & ECTs working in kindergartens in Victoria Australia using the VEYLDF.

Dr Louise Porter and Sandi Phoenix will be touching down in Victoria to present their popular course on understanding children's behaviour and fostering behavioural, social, and emotional skills. 

Join us for a powerful course to re-think and re-frame the role of teachers and educators in supporting children’s emerging social competence. This event will flex your thinking, question your knowing, and change your practice forever.

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Program evidence overview

This program, developed by Dr Louise Porter PhD and Sandi Phoenix BPsychSc, is research and evidence based.

The over-aching theories that guide the content of BESST are self-determination theory (Chirkov & Ryan, 2001; Chirkov, Ryan, Kim, & Kaplan, 2003; Deci & Ryan, 1987; Ryan & Deci, 2000a, 200b) and Guidance theory (Gartrell, 2003, 2004; Grolnick, 2003; Grolnick, Gurland, DeCourcey, & Jacob, 2002; Hart & Hodson, 2004, 2006; Hoffman, 1960; Kohn, 1996, 1999a, 1999b, 2005; Porter, 2014, 2016a). The seminar content also draws on research findings that children are best prepared for school through a play-based program that fosters self-regulation of their emotions, behaviours and learning processes, and that these skills are more important than specific literacy and numeracy skills such as knowing the alphabet and being able to count (Piotrkowski et al., 2000).

In other words, success at making the transition to school depends on children’s social and behavioural competencies (NICHD Early Child Care Research Network 2003a) and capacity to regulate their emotions within the context of group activities (Graziano et al., 2007; Grolnick & Ryan, 1989). This ability may be particularly crucial for navigating school entry because the new learning environment and challenging academic tasks can arouse anxiety and frustration, which must be managed. In turn, teachers view well-regulated children more positively, which contributes to an improved teacher-child relationship that, in turn, also supports children’s educational engagement and attainment (Graziano, 2007; Ladd et al., 1999).

In light of this research, this seminar aims to provide early childhood educators and teachers with the tools to foster children’s self-regulation and, in turn, their readiness for school.

Date & Time
Saturday April 20, 2024
8:45 AM 5:00 PM (Australia/Brisbane)

Mercure Melbourne Doncaster

6 Tower Street
Don Caster VIC 3108
--Mercure Melbourne Doncaster--
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