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Empowered Educators

Are you ready to transform your team's approach to children's behaviour and wellbeing? Join us for a full day of two engaging workshops with Chris and Sandi Phoenix! This event is tailor-made for educators who are passionate about enhancing their skills and fostering a positive learning environment.

What to expect:

Session 1: Educator Wellbeing

Chris will provide the perfect combination of education and entertainment all rolled into one interactive and fun workshop.

You can expect laughs, games, hypnosis (yep, we said it), philosophy, as well as a proven formula for wellbeing that will not only help you on your own happiness journey, but will help you interact with your colleagues and peers, as you will be able to identify their needs as well!

Find out how balanced mental health and wellbeing can be accomplished through mindful decision making and tactical planning to identify and meet your basic life needs.

Session 2: Educator Toolkit for Behaviour

Learn new ways of thinking about, responding to, and planning for children's behaviour.

In this workshop you will explore:

  • Connected relationships with children.
  • Interpreting behavioural indicators as manifestations of unmet needs.
  • Respond thoughtfully to the complexity and ever-evolving nature of a child's social and behavioural learning journey.
  • Learn a shared language around a model of human needs.

You will leave this day with a comprehensive knowledge about what motivates children's behaviour, and a framework to develop strategies to respond to behaviour that can be immediately implemented in to your program.

Empowered Educators Toowoomba

Saturday 17th August 2024 at Oaks Conference Centre Toowoomba

Empowered Educators Cairns

Saturday 7th September 2024 at Novotel Cairns Oasis Resort

What are educators saying about our workshops?

“I really enjoyed the full day session that my employer organised. It was fun, creative and interesting. I learnt a lot about myself and now have the tools to learn more about other people and the ‘why’ for their actions. Highly recommend and would absolutely go to another session! Thanks for everything Chris!”
“This company is amazing. Sandi will have your centre, preschool, day care do a 360 and it will improve 10 fold. I can't recommend them highly enough, everyone should be a "CUPS" supporter. The program they offer will change the world of everyone involved for the better.”  
Centre Director
“This course was amazing. It has only been a week, but I've seen some behaviour changes. I've processed their Cup needs quickly using the Phoenix Cups framework, which has helped with the situation. I've also changed my language a lot and spoken briefly to some educators about negative and manipulative phrases to positive ones. So glad I went. Can't wait to see the changes when I implement it in more detail and have all educators on board.”

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