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3 Steps on how to let S*^# go!

For a species that finds it hard to fulfil new year’s resolution's after only a month, you would think it would be easy for us to let go of things. They say regret is a useless emotion. It causes us pain and we don’t benefit from it at all. But it’s not only our past we need to worry about letting go of, there are daily moment to moment issues that need not burden us that we seem to hold on to. Here are three steps to follow whenever you feel any anger or worry in any given moment.

Step 1

Create two imaginary bins.

Bin 1, is for things you can control.
Bin 2, is for things you cannot control.

You will soon realise that Bin 1 (things you can control) is very small because in reality there are only two things you can control; your thoughts and your actions. You may have some levels of influence, but essentially, you can never control what others think or do, or external events. We are actually fortunate that this bin is small because at the end of the day, that’s all we really need to concern ourselves with.

Bin 2, is for everything else. What others think; what others think about you; how others do their job; others misfortune or benefits; the weather; the stock market. Basically, everything else that isn’t your own thoughts and actions is out of your control.

Step 2

Divide your concerns as they arise into the two separate bins. When an event happens, decide if you have control of it or not. For example, if you are running late for work, your phone is out of battery, and you’re stuck in a traffic jam, your natural response may be anger, worry or anxiety. But guess what, the situation is outside of your control. Being angry doesn’t change a thing. You just feel bad. If there is something in your control; place it in Bin 1, and do that thing to the best of your ability. When you finally make it work, make your apologies and then do your work to the best of your own abilities. This, in turn, negates any anger, worry or anxiety because you did the best you could; you did your part. You can now let go. Life isn’t a juggling act between a thousand competing concerns. You have one concern, that of which you can control.

Step 3

Let go of the things outside of your control! You are essentially carrying a heavy bag of bricks around each day worrying about things you cannot control. We worry that if we put the bag down and stop worrying something bad will happen. It’s already out of your control. Worry doesn’t help; it just makes you feel bad. You can just put down that bag. Its fine to let it go! The benefit of letting go, however, is that all that extra energy you previously put towards worrying about things outside of your control, you now can be put towards the things you can control and can rest easier at night knowing you did all that you could. Remembering, worrying about something outside of your control doesn’t change a thing. Worrying just means you suffer twice.

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