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Maureen Simon

Maureen’s career in Education and Care spans 35 years, sending time traveling the globe as an educator, working in Australia as a director, an Inclusion Professional, and now a lecturer / assessor in early childhood education and care. Maureen has lived in the Northern Territory for 22 years, during which she has worked alongside Aboriginal educators in remote communities.

Through a two-way learning journey, these educators have taught her a lot about herself, the land, and teaching. Maureen’s passion is supporting educators to understand brain development, children’s behaviour, inclusion, and culture, through strengths-based practice.

In her down time, Maureen loves fishing, camping, hiking, making patchwork quilts, swimming, and yoga. Upon starting her role as an education & care mentor / workshop facilitator in 2022, Maureen said “I feel so blessed and excited to be part of the Phoenix Support for Educators team”. And we feel the same way.

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