The cups program has been very useful as a tool for staff to reflect on their own responses and needs. I have stepped up as director three months ago and made some huge changes around behaviour strategies. The staff and even some of the families are starting to use the language of the cups and frame behaviour that way. We will continue to work on this as it is changing the whole tone and philosophy of our centre. Thank you, training has further cemented my commitment to this program!
The educator’s toolkit for behaviour Melissa Franklin, Unknown
Thank you, this workshop enabled me to make many connections between my practice and my studies.
Documenting to discover Georgette Sawyer, September 2017
You were wonderful, Thankyou!.... could listen to your ideas all day.
Documenting to discover Ali Corbutt, September 2017
Perfect. Loved the interaction and being able to discuss specific children/environments. I really enjoyed the workshop, so positive. Could not recommend this more highly. Loved it!
The educator’s toolkit for behaviour Amanda Kelly, August 2017
Thankyou Phoenix Team. I am so grateful for all that you do and all that you stand for. Thank you for loving, honouring, valuing, respecting and being a voice for children.
The educator’s toolkit for behaviour Marnie Hoffrichter, July 2017