Support for Inclusion

Support for Inclusion
 Customised Support Packages to address your inlcusion needs from Phoenix Support for Educators.
 We can support you in your journey of inclusive practice by customising professional support from our experienced specialists.
Our specialists can support with professional support and advice about:
*  how to include a particular child
*  complex behavioural challenges
*  cultural expertise
*  CALD inclusion
*  including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives in your practice
*  understanding a particular diagnosis
*  inclusive adaptations to your learning environment
*  including children who have experienced trauma
Phoenix Support for Inclusion Package
This customised package includes:
* Initial phone consult to determine needs for ongoing specialist advice to include all children
* Intensive support in-service coaching and mentoring visit(s) during service operational hours specialist facilitator
* A whole team meeting to engage educators in reflective professional conversation with specialist
* Weekly follow up online webinars or phone consult
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